5 Reasons Why Giving Back Is Good for You Too!

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5 Reasons Why Giving Back Is Good for You Too!

Sep 1, 2016

Thought that volunteering was all about doing something good for others? Well, it is! But that doesn’t mean that there should be nothing in it for you either. Here are Do-It's top 5 reasons why volunteering is also about you:

1. Give your career a facelift

Volunteering is a great way to gain experience in a new sector that interests you. Whether that’s children, the elderly, events or animals, it can help you get a foot in the door of your chosen field and build up knowledge in that area. Don’t be worried about letting charities know you’re looking for career experience - as long as you show dedication to your voluntary role, most will be more than happy to have your help. If you’re working towards your dream job check out our recent article to learn more about how volunteering could help you on the way.

2. Grow your networks

Now first off, we’re not talking online networks here (although a few more Instagram followers may be a knock-on benefit…) If you’d like to make new friends then volunteering really is a brilliant way of introducing a whole new circle of people into your life, and of feeling a part of your community. Take the plunge and find a volunteer role in a field you’re interested in - arts, environment, care work - meet like-minded people and watch those friendships blossom!

3. Get fit

Could volunteering be the perfect alternative to your expensive gym membership? Environmental groups and charities are always looking for people to get stuck into a wide range of physical tasks - the perfect way to do something good AND get fit. Check out organisations such as GoodGym who combine regular exercise with helping their communities, or Green Gym whose sessions mix fitness with activities such as sowing meadows and establishing wildlife ponds!

4. Say goodbye to Tinder

Dating apps starting to sap your morale? Fed up of trawling the bars? Mum’s workmate’s youngest son (“...but he’s lovely!”) not an appealing proposition? If you’re looking for love, it’s time to try volunteering. Whether you’re doing physical work for the environment or joining together on a big arts performance, volunteer work can often be fun, low-pressure and sexy! A perfect way to meet someone with similar interests and shared passion for a cause, check out Good Deed Dating to find that perfect match whilst doing good.

5. Feel happier!

As volunteering helps you to feel connected to your community, other people and the world at large, it’s not surprising that it also makes you happier - in fact our recent survey shows nearly 70% of people say volunteering makes them feel happy. Doing something good for others provides us with a sense of purpose and accomplishment, this in turn gives a healthy boost to our self-confidence, self-esteem and life satisfaction! Heard of the “helper’s high”? Endorphins are released when we do a good deed much the same way as with exercise. Looking for a rush? Try volunteering!

This article was originally published on Do-It and appears here with permission.

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