Volunteer Spotlight: Rebecca Smith

Rebbeca smith is a volunteer from Lethbridge, Canada, who wanted to spend her time doing good in Israel. We connected her with the perfect opportunity at Food for Life located in Haifa.

My name is Rebecca Smith and I had the opportunity to volunteer at an organization called Food for Life, situated in downtown Haifa.

My experience at the facility was very welcoming and heartwarming. I met wonderful people and the clients were curious about me and loved talking to this foreigner from Canada. My days were flexible and the tasks varied. Some days I helped prepare fresh homemade food and other times I “cooled” my fingers in the refrigerator and freezer by organizing all the frozen products.

Other jobs included: Packing food hampers to be given to clients; Cleaning and sorting food in the storage department area; Going through items such as clothing and shoes to be given to those in need; Unloading food from vehicles to the warm house.

What I really found exciting was packing candy in dishes for the Purim holiday. That was a real treat to those that helped and the people who received the food packages.

I would like to especially thank Shlomit, the volunteer coordinator, who was and is an inspiration to me. She not only went out of her way to help me, but she also has a smile that brightens up any place she goes.

I would definitely recommend Food for Life for anyone actively seeking to do volunteer work. It is a friendly, kind, hospitable environment to work in which makes it all worthwhile.

Keep up the good work and the very best in Food for Life future endeavors!

This article was written by Rebbeca Smith.