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3 Super Easy Ways To Make Someone Smile


Have you ever had one of those days where everything went wrong, where you just felt so exhausted and helpless like you can’t get anything to go right, but then someone made a small gesture that made you smile? A gesture that probably didn’t take much effort or planning. A gesture that happens in a quick moment, like when you accidentally drop your bag or your phone and someone else quickly picks it up for you. When you’re struggling to carry something and someone lends you a hand or even when you’re in a rush and a car stops to let you cross the street. It’s that gesture that made the tiny smile on your face grow and suddenly your day didn’t seem so bad. A gesture that even if wasn’t meant to, lifted your spirits and changed your mood.

The farm Rebeca volunteered in, Moshav Mata
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3 Ways to Take Part in Good Deeds Day 2016


Mark your calendars, because Good Deeds Day is soon to be upon us on April 10, 2016. As a day solely about making a positive impact, there are so many opportunities for everyone to spread the goodness in their own way. If you’re looking to be part of the global movement of doing good, here are three ways you can get involved.

putting hands together
warm soup
(photo: Danielle, Volunteer at SPCA Animal Shelter)