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Volunteer Spotlight: Zanna Lewkowicz

The story of Zanna from Cleveland, who came to Israel for a Masa gap year program and volunteered in Lasova’s soup kitchen in Tel Aviv.

Packing Food Baskets? Tell Me More!

Looking for a meaningful volunteering opportunity? Packing food baskets is a great way to make a meaningful impact with just a few hours of work.

Doing Good in less than One Hour!

Want to do something good but haven’t got much time? Here are some ideas that can be executed in one hour or less!

Motivating your Friends to Volunteer is the Latest Trend!

Make volunteering twice as fun- teamwork makes the dream work

4 Ways to Volunteer Inside During the Winter Months

As temperatures drop and frost or snow covers the ground, you might be thinking about how to take your volunteering to a warmer, cozier location. During the winter season, try out some meaningful volunteering opportunities that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Love Volunteering

This Valentine’s Day we bring you 5 reasons to embark on a love affair with volunteering!

3 Super Easy Ways To Make Someone Smile

This may sound a bit cliché, but smiling is good for us, for our health and for our mood. Smiling has a strong influence on how we go about our day- we’ve been told all this ever since we were little.

Why You Should Ditch Your Next Vacation for a Volunteer Trip

Voluntourism gives you the opportunity to spend vacations in a meaningful way

Volunteer Spotlight: Rebecca Smith

Rebbeca smith is a volunteer from Lethbridge, Canada, who wanted to spend her time doing good in Israel. We connected her with the perfect opportunity at Food for Life located in Haifa.