5 Ways to Do Good Online

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5 Ways to Do Good Online

Jul 19, 2016

While no one can deny the internet is a huge part of our daily life, it’s also one of the best tools to spread positive messages, keep up to date with your favorite NGOs, and even volunteer! Read on for some of our best tips on keeping the online space around you as positive as possible:

1. Spread positivity via social networks

Whether you’re a Facebook lover, a Twitter prodigy, or an Instagram enthusiast, social media websites are a great way to spread positivity. A genuine compliment could easily brighten someone's day! So post with kindness and comment with admiration. We’re sure it will make everyone’s day better!

2. Follow your favorite nonprofits and charities

You'd be surprised how many organizations have active social media accounts and websites. All it takes is one click to follow them! That's an easy way to stay updated on current events and volunteering opportunities near you. Try the Ruach Tova Facebook page in Hebrew for opportunities in Israel, the Points of Light Twitter feed for international ones, or any of your local nonprofits, charities, or volunteering centers!

3. Help out a kickstarter campaign

Many people and organizations have huge, amazing goals that they are trying to achieve. From giving disadvantaged classrooms access to books, to providing sanitary products to homeless women, there are so many incredible causes out there that lack just one thing- funding. If you can't donate money simply share the campaign page to reach more people, and hopefully its goal!

4. Volunteer from home

Volunteering is one of the many wonderful things you could do without leaving the comfort of your home. The possibilities are endless: you could be an advocate for your favorite cause, help translate documents and information, program a website for your local charity if they don't already have one, and much more! Try contacting different organizations to see how you can help.

5. Email government officials about matters close to your heart

If there’s a matter you care about that needs the help of people in positions of power, email government officials about it! Find the right person to contact via governmental or municipal websites, and write them an email expressing your concern or opinion - such as an environmental issue, social problem, or any other subject you're passionate about. You'd be surprised - you may just get a respectful and helpful response.

Interested in volunteering in Israel? Contact us at info@ruachtova.org or call *9093 (international: +972-3-5436888) to find the perfect volunteering opportunity for you.

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