10 Ways To Do Good in the Winter

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10 Ways To Do Good in the Winter

Dec 2, 2015

Winter is here and while outdoor activities in the cold might not be our first pick, there are many other ways to do good and stay warm at the same time! Check out our favorite ways to do good in winter time:

  1. Volunteer at a soup kitchen:
    Nothing is more comforting than soup in a cold wintery day. For those who need it, a nice warm meal can be a true lifesaver!
  2. Knit a scarf for your loved ones:
    If you love knitting but already have too many scarves in your closet, surprise your friends or family with a handmade scarf to keep them warm! Don’t have knitting needles? Check out this this easy Finger Knitting technique.
  3. Donate warm clothes:
    If you have spare winter clothes, you can donate them to a homeless shelter, or to projects like The Street Store. One of the least donated, but most needed clothing items are socks, so consider them as a great item to donate!
  4. Do a baking course for kids:
    Baking is fun, no matter the season. But the added bonus of heat from the oven makes it a super fun activity to do when it’s cold! Organize a baking class for kids in a kindergarten or at a community center. Always make sure to keep safe!
  5. Write a letter or send a card:
    Letters are always heartwarming, especially in the winter. Write a cute letter or send a card to a friend abroad, or just someone you haven’t seen in a long time.
  6. Buy someone a hot drink:
    Pay it forward and surprise a coworker, friend, or even a stranger with a nice warm cup of coffee or another hot drink!
  7. Volunteer in an animal shelter:
    Winter can be especially hard for stray dogs and cats, so it’s even more important that animal shelters will get all the help they need. Find out how you can help at your local animal shelter.
  8. Lend a spare umbrella:
    Keep a spare umbrella in your office for others to use if they forget their own.
  9. Renovating for low-income families:
    A leaking roof can be one of the worst winter experiences. If you know a low-income family that can’t afford to maintain their home, lend them a hand and help them patch their roof.
  10. Visiting lonely seniors:
    There are many lonely senior residents who can’t go out in the winter, and a simple hour long visit in their home can really brighten their day. You can also help them with paperwork, or with shopping on the way!

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