Getting to Know Israel Through Volunteering: Your 2 Week Travel Itinerary - PART 2

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Getting to Know Israel Through Volunteering: Your 2 Week Travel Itinerary - PART 2

Nov 29, 2018

Whether you're with friends, family, or traveling alone, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities available that will make your trip that much more meaningful

We hope you’re ready for another full week of touring and volunteering!

Last week we saw northern Israel and the Tel Aviv area. Now we will continue to southern Israel for the second part of our trip.




Day nine: Monday

Make sure to wake up in a good mood and eat a full breakfast because after a 40 minutes drive to Rehovot we will be working up a sweat at today's volunteer opportunity.


In Rehovot, we get our hands dirty, only theoretically - in reality we are wearing gloves, as we walk through the field and pick fresh produce to feed Israel's needy.


When we finish working in the fields we will give our hands a break and get our brains working at the Garden of Science Museum. We get to see all different types of exhibits and understand the scientific phenomena behind them.


Next, our feelings will be the one taking control as we go see the paratroopers memorial. The monument contains the names of the 1,575 fallen paratroopers. Wars and fallen soldiers are a crucial part of the Israeli history.


Wrapping up  our day we finally let our taste buds be the main participants at the Bravdo winery.


Day ten: Tuesday

Once again we will start our day with about an hour long drive, this time to Sderot, a large city in the southern district of Israel. There we volunteer at the non-profit Koach Latet, sorting and organizing donated clothing. 

If you’re still half a sleep, don’t worry this next activity will definitely wake you up! We’re going to have some fun on an ATV. Driving around bumpy roads, looking at the special Negev (Israel’s desert) scenery and stopping on the way to have a nice lunch with a beautiful view.


The rest of our evening will be pretty chill so we can get our heart rate back down to normal. Sderot is known to be a nice city to walk around in. Strolling around the city and ending up at the Sderot pub, we will get a delicious dinner and have an early night.


Day eleven: Wednesday

Today we have a chance to learn about Israel’s history so before we dive in,  we're open our day with a short drive to the Beeri Forest. This forest is commonly known as Darom Adom (Hebrew for Red South), a name it got because if you come anytime from February to April, which is what we intend to do, the field is completely filled with red flowers. It is a breathtaking sight which is highly recommended and is absolutely worth the short drive.


Following that spectacular site that probably put a smile on our faces, we will go and spread that happiness with holocaust survivors as we serve them breakfast at Café Europa in Mishmar Hanegev. Sitting with the survivors, we have a chance to hear some of their unbelievable life stories. We have to make the most of this visit. It is our responsibility to listen and pass their stories on so they won't be forgotten.

The Israeli Air Force Museum is located in Be’er Sheva, being so close we have to stop by. If you like planes you will love this place because it showcases over 150 aircrafts. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of flying you will find this place interesting with the Air Force’s rich history and amazing stories.


Continuing with the theme of the day we will head to the Negev Brigade Monument. If you’re getting tired, don’t worry, this is our last stop of the day. We’ll hear about the groups that operated in this area and then we’re off to dinner at our hotel and then go find the beds that are calling our names.




Day twelve: Thursday

According to the belief of the three monotheistic religions, Be'er Avraham is the well that was dug by Abraham and provided the name for the city of Be'er Sheva. This is an interesting historic landmark that we definitely have to check out.


After hearing about the past we will move forward in time and go see some temporary art at the Negev Museum of Art. This will interest the more creative members of our group, but even someone is an art buff will find these exhibits astonishing.


A special feature that Israel has is all its different landscapes that spread throughout a small range. We will get to see it now on our way to Bet Shemesh.


We haven't spent much time with animals so now we’ll go visit a zoo with a twist. The place we are going to is a unique institution that is part zoo, part natural history museum, and part Bible education center. You don’t have to touch the animals if you don’t want to but here you can.


Obviously looking out the window during our drive was not enough, which is why we will make our way to Tel Bet Shemesh. Tel Bet Shemesh is an archaeological site that looks over the valley, a different view than what we have been seeing lately.


Our day is not complete without volunteering so now we put on our chef hats and get to work. We are gonna make food that will be donated to needy families around town.

Day thirteen: Friday

Yad La-Shiryon is Israel's official memorial site for fallen soldiers from the armored corps, as well as one of the most diverse tank museum in the world. Everyone no matter the age wants to climb on a tank and now is our chance. We have quite a variety of tanks to choose from. The outdoor display includes 110 tanks and other armored fighting vehicles.


Considering we are about to go to Jerusalem, the last stop on our trip, we first want to revisit every place we've been and get to see the places we didn't have a chance to. How will we do all this in a couple of hours you ask? Less than a 10 minutes drive from Yad La-Shiryon is the Mini Israel Park. Mini Israel is an exciting attraction that features over 385 beautifully crafted exact replica models of Israel's most important historical, religious, archeological and modern sites, at a scale of 1:25. You will be surprised how exact these replicas are, including all the smallest details.


After that, we are ready to head to Jerusalem and see some of the most important models of the park in their real size and glory.


To get us started, and help us wrap up our day we will take a tour of Machane Yehuda. Mahane Yehuda often referred to as "The Shuk" is a marketplace. We get to experience the local life walking around the market and then seeing how everything closes in preparation for Shabbat, the Jewish holy day.


Day fourteen: Saturday

Spending our morning with the elderly will be our last act of volunteerism for this trip!

The Bet Alicia nursing home has all sorts of fun activities for their residents such as a pop-up café, dancing and singing, arts and crafts, and more. All they're missing is someone to come and enjoy these activities with their residents. That's what we’re here for!

Now that we finished the volunteering portion of our trip we will spend the rest of the day touring, starting at Mount Zion. From the top you can see almost the entire city. During our tour we will mostly get around by foot so make sure you have good shoes on.


Jerusalem is a holy city with high importance to all three monotheistic religions. We will really experience that today as we visit many places with different meanings to different people.

We will start at Jaffa Gate. It is a stone portal in the historic walls of the Old City.


Less than 5 minutes by foot is the Tower of David. A medieval citadel on the site of forts dating back 2,000 years & a museum of Jerusalem's history. Next, and also in walking distance, is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.The church contains, according to traditions, the two holiest sites in Christianity: the site where Jesus of Nazareth was crucified, and Jesus's empty tomb, where he is said to have been buried and resurrected.


Next is the Western Wall, also known as Wailing Wall, Kotel, or in Islam as the Buraq Wall. It is the remnant of the ancient wall of the Temple courtyard, a sacred site of Jewish prayer & pilgrimage.


The Dome of the Rock is our next stop. An iconic gold-topped Islamic shrine built around 690 AD with huge relevance to both Christians & Jews.


Following will be the Temple Mount. A hilltop site also called the Noble Sanctuary containing Islamic, Christian & Jewish structures.


Our trip will end at the Mount of Olives. A historic mountain referenced in the Old & New Testaments of the Bible, now a cemetery & sacred spot.

In just 2 weeks in Israel, we traveled to 14 different cities and towns, helped a countless amount of people and had a great time touring the country. We hope you enjoyed yourself! Let us know at if you did all or part of this Israel volunteering tour!

Interested in volunteering in Israel? Contact us at or call *9093 (international: +972-3-5436866) to find the perfect volunteering opportunity for you.

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