Tips on Using Your Artistic Skills to Do Good

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Tips on Using Your Artistic Skills to Do Good

Jan 15, 2017

Do you like drawing? Are your graphic design skills strong? Do you have a flair for taking great photos? Use your art and talent to give back- read on for tips on how.

Raising awareness

Art is one of the best ways to raise awareness for issues you care about. First, find an issue that bothers you or that you think needs more exposure, and then incorporate it into your art! You could write a song about bullying, draw a painting that shows racism, or even create a sculpture out of recycled materials. Others will not only be interested in the art piece itself, but also in the problem it refers to.


Teach an art class

Community centers are always looking for more activities. Offer your skills to a local school or center and teach an art class! Whether it’s a drawing lesson or a photography class, the kids are bound to love it! Never taught a class before and not sure how to do it? Here are some good tips to get you started.




Free graphic design

Is graphic design your passion? Great! So many nonprofits are looking for good graphic designers to volunteer their time and skills to assist them with their graphic needs. Try contacting an organization you like to see if they need any assistance, chances are they have an event coming could use help with advertising elements like the page on their website, Facebook graphics, print ads. If you can’t find one, consider initiatives like Art-Heroes, which connects graphic designers with nonprofits in need of design work. You could be helping a cause you support from the comfort of your home.


Photographing memories

There’s so much that photographers can do to give back to society. You could contact a school in a low socio-economic state and volunteer to shoot their yearbook photos. Another good idea is to help conserve memories for families who lost their albums in natural disasters, to bring light back into their homes. The sky is really the limit here, so take your camera out and get creative!



Beautify your neighborhood

A white wall can sometimes be the best canvas. Find a dull-looking school or community center and make it pretty! Get a few friends together and paint the place. Draw shapes and figures on the walls, add inspirational quotes in bright colors, and you’ve got yourself a practically brand new place. Don’t forget to ask permission to use the space first!


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