How Much Do You Know about Volunteering? [QUIZ]

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How Much Do You Know about Volunteering? [QUIZ]

Jun 12, 2016

Take 90 seconds to figure out how connected you are to the world of volunteering.

Volunteering has been shown to have far reaching benefits, ranging from improving health and well being to even increasing the prospect of getting a better job! Finding the right volunteer opportunity is easy, and giving back to others will automatically make you feel better about yourself. In just a week and half the annual event of Good Deeds Day will take place on March 15, 2015. Exercise your good doing muscles by joining hundreds of thousands of people around the world to perform a good deed and pump up the volume of good!

To get started, take this fun quiz to see how volunteer savvy you are, and then hop over to the Good Deeds Day website to get involved.

Exercise your volunteer muscles by participating in Good Deeds Day on April 2, 2017. Join 1.5 million volunteers in 75 countries and take part in a worldwide celebration of doing good:

This quiz was originally published on Goodnet and appears here with permission.

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