Join Good Deeds Day Outdoor Events Around Israel

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Join Good Deeds Day Outdoor Events Around Israel

Mar 5, 2016

We’re celebrating Good Deeds Day on March 15, which is in just 10 days! If you didn’t get a chance to sign up for a Good Deeds Day project in Israel, it’s not too late to take part. Outdoor events are a big part of our activities and they’re completely open to the public! Read on for the full list of what we have planned.

The counselors boulevard on Rothschild (image credit: Eli Dasa)
The counselors boulevard on Rothschild (image credit: Eli Dasa)

Tel Aviv:

The Counselors Boulevard

What? For the second year in a row, counselors of all types will be sitting on the classic Rothschild benches in Tel Aviv and giving free counseling sessions in various subjects to passersby. Make sure to stop by!
When? 15:00-18:00
Where? Rothschild Avenue, between Habima Square and Balfour St.

Yoga in the Square

What? A free yoga and relaxation session, storytime and other fun surprises for kids in Habima Square.
When? 16:00-19:00
Where? Habima Square.

Free Lectures on the Bar

What? Various celebrities and lecturers will be speaking in bars around the city on subjects such as art, healthy lifestyle, meatless monday, architecture and more. The entry price is simple: bring an item of clothing that will be donated to people in need!
When? 20:00-21:00
Where? Various bars around Tel Aviv. Check out the full list.

Free lectures in bars (Image credit: Eli Dasa)
Free lectures in bars (Image credit: Eli Dasa)


Tolerance Event

What? Join schools and celebrities from around the city and take part in a big tolerance event for the whole family with various workshops and activities such as knitting, instrument building, painting, and more!
When? 16:00-19:00
Where? Tower of David


Special Olympics

What? 10 different outdoor training stations will be put up for people with special needs and volunteers, who will have to cooperate in order to pass the stations and win the special olympics!
When? 9:00-14:00
Where? Shlom HaGalil street


City-Wide Volunteer Event

What? A big municipal volunteering event with different booths, a give and take market, dog adoption area, hair donation station, and more fun ways to do good!
When? 17:00-19:00
Where? Afridar Center, HaNasi street

Donating hair at a Good Deeds Day fair
Donating hair at a Good Deeds Day fair

Ma’ale Adumim:

Outdoors Happening

What? An outdoors happening including a give and take market, farmer’s market, activities for kids, a “good deeds wall”, free lectures and more!
When? 16:00-18:30
Where? Yahalom square


Doing Good Event

What? The whole family is invited to a huge event in the spirit of recycling, healthy lifestyle, and volunteering!
When? 16:00-20:00
Where? ElTut park

Kiryat Malachi:

Municipal Outdoors Event

What? Bring your teens to knit with the elderly, learn about different NGOs, and join a costume market! There will also be a blood donation drive and a hair donation stand with volunteer-hairdressers!
When? 16:00-22:00
Where? City Council Square

Donating hair at a Good Deeds Day fair
Donating hair at a Good Deeds Day fair

Migdal HaEmek:

Doing Good on the Go

What? An event in the spirit of giving that will include various workshops for kids such as makeup, balloon animals, juggling, and more, info booths with representatives from various NGOs, a Russian circus, and many more surprises.
When? 16:00-18:30
Where? City council square


Ready to join an activity? Let us know which one you chose! Interested in volunteering in Israel throughout the year? Contact us at or call *9093 (international: +972-3-5436888) to find the perfect volunteering opportunity for you.