Our 4 Top Tips for Finding your Perfect Volunteering Opportunity in Israel

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(photo: Danielle, Volunteer at SPCA Animal Shelter)

Our 4 Top Tips for Finding your Perfect Volunteering Opportunity in Israel

Aug 19, 2015

Volunteering is a fun, positive way to get to know different countries, but figuring out which volunteer opportunity is best for you can be confusing. Here are a few guidelines to help you decide:

Times and commitment:

Consider the following: For how long will you be in Israel, and how much of your visit are you willing to commit to volunteering? Would you like to volunteer for a one-off day or on a regular basis, such as weekly or monthly? Short-term opportunities - one-time or for a duration of one to three weeks - are naturally less time consuming, so they can be perfect if you want to get a taste of Israel’s culture, or simply don’t have the time to invest in volunteering. Long-term opportunities - three months or more - provide a more personal experience, and allow volunteers to form connections and make a stronger impact.

Don’t fit into either category? Consider taking on multiple volunteering projects to delve into various aspects of Israeli society.


If you don’t have housing arranged or want a more involved volunteering experience- consider a volunteer for accommodation exchange. These opportunities are mainly hands-on - like working on a farm, kibbutz, or on army base - and require a significant time commitment, typically three to five hours per day. Most volunteer exchange opportunities are long-term, but some accept volunteers for shorter amounts of time. Some placements also require a small registration fee.

Personal interests:

Think about your skills - are you a tech wiz, yoga teacher, musician, writer, or marketing professional? Volunteering in your profession or providing your skills to NGO’s in need is a great way to help out - do what you know and love, while making a difference.


Consider the weather when planning your trip to volunteer in Israel. If you’d like to work outside, the best time is between April-October, when the chances of rain and cold are low. September and October is the holiday season in Israel and many schools, organizations and businesses close temporarily during this time. If you’re interested in recurring volunteering opportunities, you’ll have more options before or after the holidays.

Long term or short term, skill-based or not, outdoors or inside, Ruach Tova will match you with your perfect volunteering opportunity in Israel. Contact us at info@ruachtova.org or call *9093.