5 Ways To Change The World

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5 Ways To Change The World

Feb 15, 2017

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Here are a few ways you can make a positive impact!

#1: Cultivate your corner

The space in our front and back gardens accounts for about 25% of the land in most cities - make more of it! Growing your own fruit and veg means less produce being flown in from abroad, no packaging to discard, and any surplus can be donated to food banks and those in need. Alternatively flex those green fingers and try out a flower garden - supporting important pollinators like our wild bees which are considered to be in decline.

#2: Make your voice heard

Go to a protest. Sign a petition. Write to your MP. If there are issues that concern you, take action. Take a look online or on social media to find like-minded community groups that you could work alongside, or find volunteers to kick-start your own social action project through Do-it! Do you already volunteer or support a good cause? Spread the word, spread the love and encourage friends and family to join you.

#3: Charity begins at home

Did you catch our article on Action Foundation? They’re just one local charity that helps place homeless asylum seekers with volunteer hosts. The Shared Lives scheme matches adults who have care needs with an approved Shared Lives carer, making them a part of their home, family and community life. HOST offers international students studying in the UK a day or weekend visit to a British home, promoting friendship and understanding.

#4: Learn First Aid

Learning basic First Aid will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to act when faced with minor incidents or with something more serious. When administered before the arrival of emergency services, in many cases, First Aid saves lives. Keen to get started? British Red Cross host a wealth of online resources, or find more information and details on local First Aid courses through St John Ambulance.

#5: Rethink your shopping list

Small actions can make a big difference. Chemicals in cleaning products can upset the balance of nutrients in rivers and streams and may take a long time to degrade into harmless products - consider simple mixes of bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice which can do the job just as well. Planning a meal? Opt for RSPCA assured meat and dairy products whereby animals have been cared for according to strict welfare standards. Hitting the high street? Why not check out ethical fashion brands that privilege both producers and the planet.


This article was originally published on Do-It and appears here with permission.